2017 Summer Programs

Summer Programs run Monday, June 12 through Friday, August 11
Why stay on land during summer? Come have fun in boats!
Open to ALL Youth in the Greater Venice Area!
We teach youth sailors of ALL skill levels!

Register your soon-to-be-sailor for VYBA summer classes, and they will have fun on the water!
U.S. Sailing Certified Instructors conduct all classes on land and on the water.
Instructors are on the water in Boston Whalers under power with all sailors.
In the Boston Whalers are first aid kits, and instructors carry VHF radios, cell phones.

If assistance is required at any time on the water, the instructors can easily have immediate contact with the Venice Yacht Club Dockmaster or the Venice Marine Patrol.

All classes in the summer program are half-day classes.

Monday through Friday from either 9 am to 12 noon or from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Please note: There is no class on Tuesday, July 4th.

Summer Program Classes - a Robust Schedule
POLLYWOGS (ages 6-8)
OPTI BEGINNER (ages 9-13)
OPTI ADVANCED (ages 9-13)
(Opti Beginner is a Pre-requisite for Advanced)
OPEN BIC (ages 11-15)
(Any Beginner level course as a Pre-requisite for O’Pen Bics)
420 BEGINNER (ages 14-18)
420 ADVANCED (ages 14-18)
(420 Beginner is a Pre-requisite for Advanced)

What do sailors need to bring for summer programs?
  • Refillable Water Bottle (no single use plastics please!)
  • Lifejacket/PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
  • Whistle
  • Closed-toe Shoes are a requirement for land and water!! (no Crocs or flip-flops)
  • Sunscreen (to be applied before coming and bring extra!)
  • Sun Gear: Hat, Sunglasses, UPF-rated shirts (highly recommended)
  • Clothing that can get wet!

Please review individual program descriptions below for dates & times and details.

If you have registered for a class, please know that our Program Director, Tara Foster, will be sending you an email the Friday before classes begin to outline any further details you need to know about camp!

Program Descriptions

**NEW** Mixed Boat Beginner Course
Due to the high demand for an end-of-summer Beginner Course for varying age groups, we’ve changed up our schedule to hold a Beginner Course that is open to ages 9-18. Our Coaches will match your youth sailor to the correct sized boat for their needs to help them start sailing before the summer is over! School is only a few weeks away and this class is the perfect opportunity to spend the end of your summer on the water!
Cost: $315
Class Options: 1 two-week morning class:
Session 1: July 24-August 4 from 9am-Noon

Pollywogs Pre-Beginner

Pre-requisite: 6 years old by June 1st
Student Age Recommendation: 6-8

Cost: $165
Class Options: 5 one-week classes mornings or afternoons:
Session 1: June 12-16 from 9am-Noon
Session 2: June 19-23 from 9am-Noon
Session 3: July 24-28 from 1pm-4pm
Session 4: July 31-August 4 from 1pm-4pm
Session 5: August 7-11 from 9am-Noon

Pollywogs, a half day, one week class, is a “pre-beginner” program designed to introduce younger children to sailing and fun on the water. Campers who have reached the age of six by June 1st and are able to swim and function within a group will be welcome! Campers will be introduced to sailing and experiences on the water in the Optimist dinghy, a one-person sailboat and the Club 420, a two-person sailboat. If a Camper completes two weeks of Pollywogs, they become eligible for our School Year Adventure Program!

Optimist – Beginner
Pre-requisite: 9 years old by June 1st
Student Age Recommendation: 9-13

Cost $315
Class Options: 5 two-week classes, mornings or afternoons:
Session 1A: June 12-23 from 9am-Noon
Session 1B: June 12-23 from 1pm-4pm
Session 2A: June 26-July 7 from 9am-Noon
Session 2B: June 26-July 7 from 1pm-4pm
Session 3: July 10-21 from 1pm-4pm

The Optimist Beginner class is a fun introduction to all the basics of sailing. Our campers will be sailing their own boat by the end of the second day! Our US Sailing Certified Instructors will teach beginning sailors how to rig, launch, sail their boat confidently, dock, and de-rig their boats. Don’t worry if you have no prior experience in sailboats! Many of our campers are experiencing sailing for the first time and by the end of the two weeks are confident and capable sailors!

Optimist – Advanced
Pre-requisite: Optimist Beginner
Student Age Recommendation: 9-13

Cost $315
Class Options: 2 two-week classes, mornings only:
Session 1: July 10-21 from 9am-Noon
Session 2: July 24-August 4 from 9am-Noon

The Optimist Advanced class focuses on improving boat control, boat handling, and boat speed. Campers will be introduced to sailing more technical courses along with basic tactics and strategies used in competitive sailing. Concepts from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) help our US Sailing Certified Instructors to give our Campers a deeper understanding of how and why sailboats work. Parents can expect their Camper to return home with a better appreciation for the sport of sailing and all that it has to offer, plus a solid racing foundation if their sailor becomes interested in joining our School Year Race Program!

420 – Beginner
Pre-requisite: 13 years old by June 1 or Sailing Director’s Approval
Student Age Recommendation: 13-18

Cost $315
Class Options: 2 two-week classes, morning or afternoon:
Session 1: June 26-July 7 from 9am-Noon
Session 2: July 10-July 21 from 1pm-4pm

The 420 Beginner class is designed for Campers that are new to the sport or have outgrown the Opti classes from prior summers! Campers will learn to effectively communicate on the boat with another person and work as a team both on and off the water. The class will introduce the basics of sailing for a two-handed boat: rigging, launching, sailing with two sails and working as a team, docking, de-rigging, as well as other fundamental skills. Our Campers that take this class will come home at the end of two weeks feeling confident and excited about the sport of sailing!

420 – Advanced
Pre-requisite: 420 Beginner
Student Age Recommendation: 13-18

Cost $315
Class Options: 1 one-week class, afternoon
Session 1: July 24-August 4 from 1pm-4pm

The 420 Advanced class builds from the skill set and foundations set forth in the 420 Beginner Class. It provides experienced sailors and Optimist racers an opportunity to further their skills in a double-handed boat. Sailors will trade off learning the skills needed to skipper and crew. The class will introduce basic racing tactics and focus on refining boat handling and boat speed. Sailors will also learn about and make use of the spinnaker and trapeze capabilities of the 420. This is a great preparatory class for Campers looking to join the Venice High School Sailing Team or our School Year Race T

O’pen BIC
Pre-requisite: Optimist Beginner or 420 Beginner
Student Age Recommendation: 11- 15

Cost $315
Class Options: 3 two-week classes, morning or afternoon
Session 1: June 12-23 from 1pm-4pm
Session 2: June 26-July 7 from 1pm-4pm
Session 3: July 10-21 from 9am-Noon

O’pen BIC camps are a great fit for sailors who have completed an Optimist Beginning or 420 Beginner course and are interested in learning to sail another boat or have outgrown the Opti but aren’t quite ready to take on the 420. The hull of the O’pen BIC was designed with fun as the priority with an open hull (which means no water in the boat after a capsize!) and one sail that resembles a wind-surfer sail. Campers should expect to get wet, go fast, and have a ton of fun! This boat is also raced during our School Year Race Team Program and is a great fit for sailors before they size into the 420 class!

Contact us for more information.